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Music Room

Welcome to the Landsdale Primary School
With Ms. Emma Rogerson
About the music program

At Landsdale Primary School, all students get the opportunity to learn music with Ms. Emma Rogerson, a qualified Music Specialist Teacher.


Students years 1 to 6 attend an hour long music lesson every week, and have the opportunity to be included in a number of extra-curriculum activities. The music room is equipped with a range of musical instruments of which the students use throughout their time at the school.

Students are taught the WA Music Curriculum through a wholistic approach to music education. A combination of Kodály and Orff musical teaching pedagogies are used, focusing heavily on practical music skills and singing as the students' musical foundation.


Students years 4 and above who wish to participate in further music activities are able to join two singing ensembles run during school hours. Select students in years 5 and 6 are given the opportunity to learn an instrument through the IMSS program. All music programs offered at Landsdale Primary School are free. 

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